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Jun 26, 2017  


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Two slides also were released. Those included a comparison of the current plan costs to those expected next fiscal year and one on Lap-Band-like surgeries, which will now be covered by the county. This is the first cost increase to county employees in five years, Brown said. The projected numbers are not final, and the consulting firm has one more insurance company to negotiate a final contract with, which could affect overall rates. That contract relates to stop loss insurance and would provide a protection measure for the county that would kick in if an individual claim reaches a certain threshold. Dawn Brinson, founder of the firm, said the county isn’t seeing a huge rise in the number of claims made, but the claims are coming in higher. She attributed the rise in the use of standalone emergency rooms as a potential factor. “They look a lot like an urgent care,” she said. “It’s possible that people have gone there thinking its an urgent care.” Brinson suggested changing the payment structure for the use of standalone emergency rooms to help curb the use of those facilities.  “We want a big enough barrier (so employees can) decide if they need urgent care or emergency care,” Ms. Brinson said. Chiropractic services also will be more expensive next year. “We recommend chiropractic care to no longer be at a co-pay ($65 per visit),” Ms. Brinson said. “We see high utilization in and out of network. We will still cover it, with the same number of visits chiropractic adjustment benefits per year, but propose making that subjected to co-pay and deductible.” Co-pays are proposed to remain the same, according to the verbal presentation. The county has three basic plans for insurance, which have different rates if the employee is single, married or has children covered on the plan.

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